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Self Esteem

Most everyone would agree that  self esteem is a major factor in feeling emotionally healthy.  Poor self-esteem often  makes it difficult to take care of yourself and negotiate the stresses of daily life.  It is hard to move forward when you are persistently unsure of yourself, have difficulty making decisions, let others take advantage of you, or when you just don’t have the inner sense that you deserve to have good things happen to you.  Therapy can guide you in learning about yourself and your negative self-view.  This can make a big difference in helping you to change old patterns and enabling you to live you life with deeper personal satisfaction.


Relationships are one of the greatest sources of both satisfaction and stress in our lives.    Relationships can be intimate, as with spouses, family,  friends and lovers.  Or they can also be more casual as is often the case with professional and social relationships.   No matter what the situation, all of our relationships are fertile ground for intense feelings.  Frequently  these feelings result in  misunderstandings, anger, hurt, disappointment, distress, helplessness and despair.   Our relationships  are a sensitive source of personal pain as well as great joy.

Working with a therapist either individually or with your partner, creates more understanding  and can improve your ability to resolve differences.   Therapy can help people develop better ways to form relationships and/or improve their existing relationship.


Depression is one of the most widespread afflictions of modern times and most people experience depression at some time in the course of their lives. However, some people experience persistent feeling of sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness and a sense that things are pointless and your life has no meaning. This is different from just having the occasional ‘blues’. Not everyone is a ‘glass half full’ person, but when you see things in shades of black, it is time to seek professional help to relieve the pain and emptiness that depression can bring.


Anxiety in some situations is not only normal, but quite needed. It is your mind and body’s signal for fear. But for many, anxiety is severe, pervasive and often debilitating. It can take the form of panic attacks, feelings of dread, persistent worry, fear of death, phobias, and social anxiety that makes it difficult to engage in interactions with others. There are also anxieties that are episodic or specific to certain situations. These are no less serious and can interfere with your life. Anxiety makes it difficult for you to relax and enjoy what you are doing.